Update – 10/13/2016

Welp, here we are again. Another long update about my crazy life and how I promise to make more videos for you guys.

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UPDATE – 9/11/2016

I have recently started college and this has set me back immensely. I thought I could balance my upload schedule and college but it’s not working out right.

Every ounce of my free time has been spent either watching a movie for a review, homework, studying, hanging out with Mark, or sleeping. I haven’t really written anything out in so long.

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Boyhood Review



I originally reviewed Boyhood on AM REVIEWS. Due to my inexperience with Fair Use law at the time and Universal sending me relentless copyright claims, I removed the video. I have no other copy of the video and I don’t know if it’s on another site somewhere. So instead of making another video and delaying my upload schedule any further, I thought I could review the film this way.

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