UPDATE – 9/11/2016

I have recently started college and this has set me back immensely. I thought I could balance my upload schedule and college but it’s not working out right.

Every ounce of my free time has been spent either watching a movie for a review, homework, studying, hanging out with Mark, or sleeping. I haven’t really written anything out in so long.

When people say college is exhausting, they’re not lying. I’m also not drinking a lot of energy or high-caffeinated drinks due to my low calorie diet. So I’ve really felt mentally drained and tired. I swear I’m going to drink so much soda and coffee after my diet to do these videos and deal with school.

While I may be tired, I still have commitments to this channel and to you guys. And trust me, I have not abandoned you. I have been watching movies for reviews and I have a lot of video ideas still.

Here’s a list of upcoming videos:

Florence Foster Jenkins Review

Kubo And The Two Strings Review

Don’t Breathe Review



BVM: The Pact

BVM: Divergent

BVM: Flowers In The Attic (both movies and the book)


When will these videos be uploaded? Who knows. I feel so tried lately that I don’t know if I can get them done within this upcoming week. These are the videos I’m focusing on making and these will be the only upcoming videos. They should be done before September ends.

I will focus on these videos in all my “actual” free time. Thank you guys for your patience and still watching my videos through all this chaos.

Thank you and love you

– Aaron


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