13697248_1072515456170658_5170933454186006356_nAaron Mendoza Jr is an online YouTuber who mostly reviews or critiques films.

Aaron grew up on the south side of Chicago as a young out teen. His experiences as a young gay teen has led him to start his show GAY POLITICS. Growing up as an outcast, Aaron spent a lot of time by himself. And with that time, he would watch films and shows. Films became an attachment of his and he started wanting to make his own films.

Aaron was inspired by many YouTubers to start making his own content. YourMovieSucksDOTOrg, Markiplier, Game Grumps, The Nostalgia Critic, NyxFears, etc.

Aaron’s first YouTube review video was a review of The Boy Next Door. Initially, Aaron wanted to balance his three segments at the time. One week AM REVIEWS, the next GAY POLITICS, and AM GAMING. However, as time went on, Aaron made more AM REVIEWS videos than any other segment. “AM REVIEWS were just faster videos to make and they were more fun,” Aaron said.

Later on, Aaron added 5 More Segments. AM EXPLANATION, Response, Book VS Movie, Defending, and The Genius Of. All these segments were related to analyzing and reviewing different types of media. “These segments were made to make more detailed videos about films or shows,” Aaron said. “AM REVIEWS usually gives a short review and overview of films but it doesn’t go in depth with films as I want it too.”

However, Aaron has been criticized with having too much content on one channel and that it’s too broad. Aaron did a poll on his twitter account to see if they wanted him to make separate channels for the segments. So for example, Response would have it’s own channel and that’s where it’s content would be uploaded from then on. But many people voted against this, so Aaron didn’t go through with the decision.

Aaron has also had public feuds and has publicly criticized many other YouTubers like Sebastian Castro, Jenny McDermott, and Onision. Onision is the only one mentioned that has blocked Aaron on all social media platforms. However, Aaron mostly criticizes Gazi Kodzo. Aaron’s made many tweets against him and even started the response series on Gazi. Aaron says he’ll make another videos on him due to how many of his fans attacked him.

As of August 13, 2016, Aaron has 147 subscribers and 22, 595 total views. Although his views are very low compared to other YouTube channels, Aaron isn’t discouraged. “My material isn’t for everyone and I like having a small community of fans. It’s easier to talk with them and easier for me in my daily life.” Aaron said.

bvpAaron plans of releasing his own projects through his own independent online company BLACK VIVID PICTURES sometime next year. He plans on uploaded the material for free on the company’s own YouTube channel. The biggest project he’s focusing on is Autumn Falls. A show about a group of teens being tormented by the unknown killer of their best friend.

Aaron is now attending Moraine Valley Community College and focusing on obtaining his sociology degree. He plans on working on his videos and his school work at the same time, but admits that there won’t be much content.

Aaron hopes that no matter where he goes in life, he hopes to keep making videos and films.